Archived Exhibitions

 Annie Mackenzie, 'walking forwards backwards' (2016). Image courtesy of Shaun Matthews.
Annie Mackenzie, 'walking forwards backwards'


Annie Mackenzie, Audrey Boyle, Genevieve Packer, Gina Ferguson, Katie Smith, Nalani Gloor, and Pip Steel

14 April - 28 May

From the time we are born, we are each embedded in cloth. So too are memories that we embed into the clothing and textiles we each interact with throughout our lives. Drawing from the maligned medium of fabric, Embedded honours the role of cloth as the very thing that both covers us up, and presents us to the world.

A survey of contemporary textile art curated by Katie Smith and Maddie Gifford


 Tūrangawaewae–a place to stand

Tūrangawaewae–a place to stand

Rona Ngahuia Osborne and Dan Mace

2 June - 16 July

Through photographic and video portraiture, Tūrangawaewae gives human faces to elemental aspects of the natural world that surrounds and sustains us. These environmental characters communicate pain, anguish, sorrow and hope as they observe our efforts to either destroy or save the place where we stand, our home, our planet, our mother, Papatuanuku.

This exhibition is part of the Auckland Festival of Photography 2017