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 John Vea, 'Concrete is as Concrete Doesn’t' (2017). Detail from a video still. Courtesy of the artist.
John Vea, Concrete is as Concrete Doesn’t (2017)

Concrete is as Concrete Doesn’t

John Vea

21 July - 3 September

This new exhibition by John Vea critiques Western society’s preoccupation with putting up artificial barriers between people and the natural world. In this video installation John Vea lays a small number of pavements to create a path across a landscape, painstakingly reusing tiles to demonstrate the repetitive actions undertaken by builders and the low wages they receive for these laborious tasks.


 Performance ritual at the New Guam Museum (2016). Photograph by Tameka Vahatau.
John Ioane, Performance ritual at New Guam museum

Body Surface

8 September - 22 October

John Ioane, Jeremy Leatinu’u and Siliga David Setoga.

In recent years, there has been an increasing presence of the brown male body in contemporary art. This frequency represents an urgent need to talk about the brown male body in relation to social and political ideas, all the while breaking down expectations and projected stereotypes about how a brown male body, and a brown male artist, should be, act, think and appear.