15 Years on The Estate

15 December - 11 February

 15 Years on The Estate
With Anne-Sophie Adelys, Anton Parsons, Andrew Hall, Bernie Harfleet, Chiara Corbelletto, David McCracken, Donna Sarten, Elliot Collins, Evan Woodruffe, Flox, Gabby O'Connor, Giles Smith, Jeff Thomson, Jermaine Reihana, John Edgar, Judy Darragh, Katie Smith, Kathryn Tsui, Kairava Gullatz, Kevin Osmond, Mandy Patmore, Martin Selman, Nate Savill, Pacifica Mamas, Peter Lange, Peata Larkin, Ruth Woodbury, Stephen Woodward and Tony Brown.

In celebration of our 15th year as a creative hub, this group exhibition gathers a sampling of the many artists who have contributed their time and talents to building our whanau. The Estate has become a significant centre for creative learning and engagement, and we look forward to 15 more wonderful years of experiences that strengthen and promote connectedness within our community.

 Photograph by Sam Hartnett.


The Homestead Galleries
Corban Estate Arts Centre
2 Mt Lebanon Lane