Gallery Shop

The Gallery Shop at Corban Estate Arts Centre features exquisite handcrafted artwork by leading artists from West Auckland and Aotearoa.

If you can’t make it in to the shop, we are happy to organise to courier work to you directly. We accept credit card payments over the phone.

All purchases at the shop also come with a complementary gift wrapping service.

Monday to Sunday
10 AM to 4:30 PM
(09) 838 4455 



We stock a wide range of ceramics pieces in our store. Potters include Duncan Shearer, Kairava Gullatz, Aaron Scythe, Sanae Shirai, Robyn Kunin, Shane Gallagher, Tui Morse, Waiheke Factory Ceramics, Annabelle McCusker, Adie Smith, Brian Gartside, Christine Rose and Good Girl Ceramics.


Our well-liked jewellery section includes pieces by Aletta Elliott, Anna Leyland, Little Natives, Deahne Stone, Elizabeth Pulis, Isla Osborne, Green Heart Jewellery, Jane Singleton, Laura Naik, Mamaku Jewellery, Ronja Schipper, Su McPherson and Kahlo Earrings. Our jewellery selection changes on a regular basis so keep returning to see what is on offer.


Our growing glass collection includes forms by Grinter Glass Studio, John Penman and one of our art workshop tutors Sophia Athineou.

Weaving, Textiles + Taonga

Our weaving, textiles and indigenous (predominantly Māori) taonga are increasing in demand. Makers in this area include Ann Uerata, Ashlee Tawhiti, Susanne Williamson, Maha Tomo, Annette Ashton, Katie Smith and Angela Lynskey. 

Contemporary Art

Our contemporary artworks includes painting, print, sculpture and more. Artists include Angela Reading, Gabby Tiongson, Ina Arraoui, Michel Tuffery, Charlotte Graham, Monica Paterson, Andrew Hall, Catherine Thornton and Jeff Thompson.

Gift Cards

An ever-popular stop in the Gallery Shop, we are known for selling a wide range of unique greeting cards for all occasions. Cards are non-commercial, showcasing talent from contemporary Aotearoa artists and designers, and are very affordable miniature works of art, ranging from $3 to $7. 

Books + Magazines

The Gallery Shop has a carefully curated selection of publications on offer which include children’s books, historical journals, indigenous art journals and New Zealand’s leading contemporary art magazines.

Waiheke Factory Ceramics

With over twenty years in ceramics, Waiheke Factory Ceramics have created their own unique colours and designs. Inspiration comes from the natural beauty of native flora and fauna on the coasts of New Zealand, with many designs grounded in Danish and Maori heritage.

“Working with clay appeals to our appreciation of the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi which celebrates the beauty of imperfection”


Good Girl Ceramics – Eloise Worrall-Bader. Formerly a painter, Eloise now solely practices in clay. She holds a Masters of Art + Design from Auckland University of Technology and her thesis was titles “ A practice of Practise”. Dinner sets, $35 - $55.


Little Natives – Tohu o te Kura- Symbols of Culture  - Harakeke Earrings

Little Natives primarily exist to remind us of the significance of culture, expressed through indigenous story retelling utilizing Māori design concepts.

 “Te Reo Māori is a feature of Little Natives. We encourage correct pronunciation with helpful easy to read text. The stories I share are my understandings of what I have been taught and learned as a Rongoā practitioner, a Māori Research Librarian, and an avid learner of Te Ao Māori”