Still Life with Flowers. Curated by Maddie Gifford

Kirstin Carlin, Star Gossage, Peter Madden, Laura Williams and Billie Culy

7 September - 21 October

 Star Gossage.My Grandmother’s My Mother’s Now My Flowers (2017)(detail). Courtesy of Tim Melville Gallery.
Star Gossage.

Adopting its title from the Dutch still-life paintings of the Seventeenth century, Still Life with Flowers presents artists in contemporary New Zealand, who adopt the centuries old tradition of depicting a floral still life arrangement as the subject of their composition. Though typically rendered hyper-realistically in oil paint throughout the history of art, the featured artists have each turned to a different means of rendering their common subject.

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The Homestead Galleries
Corban Estate Arts Centre
2 Mt Lebanon Lane