Kei whea te Aute

a r a p e t a

24 February - 8 April 2023

 Kei whea te Aute


Through a varied new body of work, a r a p e t a  presents a passageway into the revival of Aute (paper mulberry, Broussonetia papyifera), from their ringaringa (creative hands) in woodwork and performance. Kei whea te Aute seeks to re-envision Aute genealogies as Wawata (Dreams) in the form of Kanikani (Dance and interactive performance), Patu Aute (Wooden Tapa beaters) and Papa Aute (Wooden Tapa Anvil).

Unpacking and embracing the Ngaati Whanaunga performing structure of Whare Tapere (sites of story-telling), a r a p e t a  meditates through the process of storytelling through their own whakapapa (ancestral lineages). Given the name Kei whea te Aute, the exhibition pays tribute to the acclaimed Mooteatea (Maaori lament or chant) continuing their legacy as a Wawata in exhibition form.


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 Kei whea te Aute


Homestead Galleries
Corban Estate Arts Centre
2 Mt Lebanon Lane