A Footnote on New Zealand History

Cindy Huang

8 October - 5 December

 A Footnote on New Zealand History

Inspired by her experience as Tauiwi in Aotearoa, Cindy Huang uses object based installation to recreate a market garden within the gallery space that reflects the sites where many historic Chinese and Māori relationships were cultivated around Aotearoa. In a continuation of her ongoing practice, Huang interrogates how our written history has skewed in favour of Pākehā historians who have told the stories of others from their perspective, usually presenting a positive colonial narrative. A Footnote on New Zealand History instead highlights the lack of written knowledge around Chinese, and specifically Māori-Chinese, history in Aotearoa.

‘A Footnote on New Zealand History’ is part of Auckland Heritage Festival 2021.


The Homestead Galleries
Corban Estate Arts Centre
2 Mt Lebanon Lane