Bodies of Woven Code

Curated by Trixi Rosa and Ed Waaka

29 July - 11 September

 Bodies of Woven Code

Body as flesh, land, water, thought.
Body as sky, heavens, spirit.
Body as collective thought, as collective [in]action.

Bodies of Woven Code presents an intricate dialogue between a diverse group of multi-disciplinary artists, who blur the lines between mediums and dwell amid many forms of language and storytelling. Collectively creating an intimate sensory encounter, the exhibition positions poetry as interwoven with an array of creative practices including performance, mixed-media installation, sculpture, projection and sound. Paying homage to the body as a creative vessel, Bodies of Woven Code explores the power that language holds in the expansion and contraction of our inner and outer worlds. 

Image: Trixi Rosa. Turning Pages (Detail, 2019). Courtesy of the artist. 


The Homestead Galleries
Corban Estate Arts Centre
2 Mt Lebanon Lane