What we do with our hands

Curated by Shari Lett. Artists include Elijah Kennar and Joshua Faleatua, Lola Greeno, Andy Snelgar and the Corban Estate Weaving Circle

23 July - 3 October 2021

 What we do with our hands

We summoned our hands to feel the strands of harakeke, testing for strength and malleability

We grasped a rock that sat long undisturbed, and it led us to an ocean

We submerged our fingers in the sands of a distant shore in search of tiny shells

We ran our palms across the undulations in the bark of a fallen tree

Including works by Joshua Faleatua and Elijah Kennar, Andy Snelgar, Lola Greeno and the Corban Estate Weaving circle, this exhibition explores the ways in which we use our hands to translate our inner lives - to touch, hold, make and soothe. With each gesture we transform, nurturing a sense of belonging to each other and our surroundings. Bringing together artists from Aotearoa and Australia, What we do with our hands asks us to consider the role of our hands in healing and rebuilding ourselves and our world.

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Homestead Galleries
Corban Estate Arts Centre
2 Mt Lebanon Lane