Seven Sculptors

Group Exhibition

16 December - 12 February

 Seven Sculptors

The multi-faceted medium of sculpture has long played a dynamic role in Corban Estate’s story, placing the site as a significant hub in Aotearoa that champions the art form in its various methods and mediums. This sculptural tradition is driven by the renowned resident sculptors who are based at Corban Estate Arts Centre, part of a close community of creatives who share ideas, methods and the realities of working on such works of art. Seven Sculptors presents a survey of works as part of their contemporary sculptural practices, developed in their onsite studios.

Though placed under the broader sculpture umbrella, each of their practices is both specialised and unique, exploring techniques ranging from metal fabrication to wood and stone carving, and techniques employing industrial materials. Their individual processes investigate varying themes from the representation of objects, to the fundamental nature of space and mass, and socio-political issues. The suite of works in Seven Sculptors showcases the scale, tactility and vitality of the sculptural medium, celebrating sculpture in all its forms.


The Homestead Galleries
Corban Estate Arts Centre
2 Mt Lebanon Lane

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