She is a Country

Leena Kheir

16 December - 17 February

 She is a Country

She is a Country is an exhibition featuring acrylic paint and soft pastel works by Leena Kheir, paying homage to Sudanese women, and their centrality to nostalgic conceptions of home and family as symbolised by the the Sudanese toub. This collection showcases the resilience, strength, and significance of the toub, both as a cultural emblem and a representation of the diasporic condition.

As the layers of its history unfold, the toub reveals its intimate, global, and social significance, defying orientalist views on the veil and symbolizing progress and empowerment. Within the folds of the toub, we glimpse an ever-shifting dynamic that mirrors the constant state of adjustment and layering experienced in the diasporic journey.


The Homestead Galleries
Corban Estate Arts Centre
2 Mt Lebanon Lane