Be Here Now

Cindy Leong

22 July - 2 September 2023

 Be Here Now

In Ram Dass's seminal work, 'Be Here Now', the author and spiritual teacher delves into the transformative power of meditation and contemplation in quieting the mind. In a similar vein, Leong's process involves the act of repetitively putting brush to canvas as a means of distilling her mind and achieving a state of presence.

For Leong, Eastern philosophy and art making are deeply intertwined, with each offering a unique lens through which to explore the complexities of existence. Through her own artistic practice, Leong has found that the act of painting can serve as a conduit for navigating and exploring Buddhist concepts, allowing her to delve into their deeper truths in a visceral, experiential way.

In Be Here Now, Leong’s paintings become a site of inquiry and transformation, inviting the viewer to join her on the path of self-discovery and self-actualisation. With each stroke, Leong proposes that by cultivating a sense of equanimity, we can tap into a deeper level of consciousness and awareness that lies beyond the surface noise of our daily lives.

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Gallery Programmes accompanying this exhibition:

21 July - Opening Preview
14 August - August Gallery Bubs
2 September - Book Club: On ‘Be Here Now’ with Cindy Leong, Melina Payne and Zoë May

Images: Ralph Brown


Homestead Galleries
Corban Estate Arts Centre
2 Mt Lebanon Lane