Landmarks for the landless

Paerau Corneal, Zena Elliott, Tessa Harris, Chris Harvey, Ngahina Hohaia, Ngaroma Riley, Melanie Tangaere Baldwin and Janine Williams

16 December - 17 February

 Landmarks for the landless

Landmarks for the landless examines the increasing presence of pouwhenua, symbolic boundary markers, as public art installations that reflect Aotearoa's rich heritage and position as a central Polynesian hub. These pouwhenua evoke a sense of pride among Māori, yet their significance is multifaceted, encompassing both celebration and a reminder of lost connections to ancestral lands and the vibrant cultural legacy of the past.

Through their artwork, the artists of Landmarks for the landless delve into contemporary issues such as landlessness and homelessness, stemming from the urban migration and intergenerational disconnection from ancestral territories.


The Homestead Galleries
Corban Estate Arts Centre
2 Mt Lebanon Lane