The Magic Realism of Portraiture

Advance your drawing and painting skills and explore how combining the real and unreal can build original visual imagery and narratives. Bring a photo along of a person who is special to you and learn how to develop your image into a narrative composition which has meaning and life, and reflects the subject’s true identity.

Liam trained and worked as a graphic designer in Australia before settling in Wellington to further develop his art practice. The exploration of folk, history and the peculiarities therein is at the essence of his work and he continues to define this experience expressed through meticulous attention to form and structure within the development of his subjects. Liam’s work draws reference from fiction to subjective fact, weaving stories punctuated with symbolism, iconography, humour and pathos.

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Adults: 18+

5 days
Mon 14 – Fri 18 Jan
10am – 4.30pm