Stories of Light and Shadow

Available through Term 4
17 October - 16 December 2022

 Stories of Light and Shadow

In every good story, there is both light and shadow. During this workshop students will discuss the basic elements of storytelling, thinking about how a picture can tell a story.

Each student will design and create their own light box, in which they will be able to let their imaginations run free. The workshop will develop paper construction techniques and also include an introduction to the science behind how our eyes perceive perspective and distance through light and shadow. The finished product will be both an interesting sculptural work during the day and an enchanting light box at night.


Primary - High School: Y3 - Y13

Available through Term 4
17 October - 16 December 2022


Group size: Up to 60 Class length: 3 hours (including 20 minute break)

Available weekdays 10am - 1pm.

Classes can be held at Corban Estate Arts Centre, or at your school by arrangement.

For bookings and more information, please email:

*Cost shown is per student, includes materials and educators and is excluding GST.


Shed 2
Corban Estate Arts Centre
2 Mt Lebanon Lane