Pastel & Putty

With Catherine Thomson

Fri 6 Oct 2023 10:00AM - 2:30PM

 Pastel & Putty

Embark on a day of sensory delight and creative exploration! In this one-day workshop we'll be fully immersed in artistic expression through the use of a variety of tactile mediums. With a focus on drawing exploration, we'll begin by moulding and squishing bright coloured plasticine to create interesting shapes for our drawing inspiration. 

Then, using thick oil pastels, soft chalk pastels and even water-soluble pastels, shapes will emerge and translations of the 3D into 2D will begin to unfold. Taking photos of our plasticine creations, we'll then print, collage and overlay with more pastel to a result in a wonderful artwork, where the joy was all in the journey!

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Children: 6 - 12

Fri 6 Oct 2023 10:00AM - 2:30PM


All materials provided.

Bookings are essential.

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 Pastel & Putty


Studio 6
Corban Estate Arts Centre
2 Mt Lebanon Lane