Large Scale Eco Drawing

With Han Nae Kim

Daily, 10:00AM - 4:00PM
From 25 - 26 Mar

 Large Scale Eco Drawing

Drawing can often be a small scale, intricate and intimate process. In this two-day workshop we will embrace drawing on a large scale pushing the boundaries of what we consider as drawing. We will be experimenting with different mark making methodologies and visual recording processes to translate our ideas into large-scale works.

In conjunction with EcoFest West 2023 there will be a focus on a wide range of materials including natural dyes, charcoal and natural pigments, coloured inks and graphite to explore in our drawing process. Learn how to prepare your chosen working surfaces including canvas, recycled cotton sheets and large card off-cuts.

Part of EcoFest West

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Adults: 18+

Daily, 10:00AM - 4:00PM
From 25 - 26 Mar


All materials provided.
Bookings essential.

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 Large Scale Eco Drawing

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