Frida's Animals

With Leela Bhai

Wed 25 Jan 2023 10:00AM - 2:30PM

 Frida's Animals

Iconic artist Frida Kahlo is known for her incredible self-portraits, many of which feature her treasured pets such as 'Bonito' her Amazonian parrot who would perform tricks for rewards of butter! Frida often painted birds to symbolise freedom. Monkeys, dogs, and deer were also depicted as symbols of protection and companionship.

Inspired by Frida's animals and our own, students will create large paintings on MDF board, layering acrylic paint and marker pen. The process will explore drawing skills, brushwork techniques and will result in a celebration of colour.

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Children: 6 - 12

Wed 25 Jan 2023 10:00AM - 2:30PM


All materials provided.
Bookings essential.

 Frida's Animals


Shed 2
Corban Estate Arts Centre
2 Mt Lebanon Lane

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