Beginning, Ending, Transformation

Margaret Chapman, Vicki Bradley, Phil Weight

29 May - 19 July 2020

 Beginning, Ending, Transformation

A new decade unfolds, the earth is acknowledged and as Matariki rises in the night sky, time is taken to reflect on what has been, contemplate the present and plan the year - the next cycle of time.

This exhibition celebrates historical connections and the relationships between people and their cultures through the mediums of textile and wood. The makers’ works are created from carefully sourced materials, gifted and accumulated, repurposed and recycled.

Margaret Chapman

Margaret lives in Laingholm on the edge of the Manukau Harbour, which greatly influences the design, landscape and textile aspects of her practice. Her quilts, dolls, stitched works and plant dyed fabrics reflect the texture in the environment around her, as she repurposes materials that may also have special historical memories.

Vicki Bradley

Local textile artist Vicki Bradley has lived in the Henderson area with partner Phil since 1973. Learning the art of sewing from a very early age, she was taught dressmaking at school and has always been drawn to creating unique work with fabric. In the 1980’s she began quilt making which drives her passion for exploring colour palettes and playing with pattern.

Phil Weight

Working in Henderson since 1973 Phil is a founding member of the West Auckland Wood turners Guild which was formed in 1983. Working in the building industry specialising in joinery, he began using off cuts and quickly moved to beautiful timbers which he lathes and carves. Using all parts of the tree is important so nothing goes to waste; he often uses natural beeswax and oils to enhance the colours in the wood. Phil is also very involved at the guild mentoring others during afternoons giving him an opportunity to pass on his skills which he gets great satisfaction from. 


Image: Vicki Bradley, From the Earth (2020)


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Corban Estate Arts Centre
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