SUNDAY GIRL Pop-up Exhibition

Daily, 11:00AM - 6:00PM
From 14 - 15 Oct

 SUNDAY GIRL  Pop-up Exhibition

This all-female group show is a platform for expressing and sharing a woman’s worldview as we operate our multi-tasking layered lives as daughters, sisters, mothers, partners, thinkers, givers, workers, and creatives.

In its fourth iteration, over 20 diverse artists will be celebrated, spotlighting the female artist and a challenge to the bias that exists in the commercial art world.

Curated by Leela Bhai, this annual exhibition will consist of established, experimental, and unexpected artists, all encouraged to exhibit under a pseudonym. Artist names vary from poignant symbolism, personal anecdote, or just plain silliness, with the tales of their origin often shared on opening night. Each piece may represent a past self, vision of a future self or a particular thought pattern from half an hour ago and the wide range of mediums reflect the diverse range of women participating in the show.



Opening Night  |   Friday 13 Oct  |  6pm  

All Welcome

Open for viewing  |  Saturday 14 + Sunday 15 Oct  |  11am – 6pm


 SUNDAY GIRL  Pop-up Exhibition


The Barrel Store
Corban Estate Arts Centre
2 Mt Lebanon Lane