Tour of 'Al Balad Alam: the land we rest upon'

With Nicola Fraser, Scarlett Kean and Melina Payne

Sat 23 Sep 2023 11:00AM - 1:30PM

 Tour of 'Al Balad Alam: the land we rest upon'

Join us for an intimate tour of Al Balad Alam: the land we rest upon with artist Nicola Fraser and co-curators Scarlett Kean and Melina Payne, as part of the event A House of Love; a special celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Corban family Homestead as part of Auckland Heritage Festival 2023.

In addition to this exhibition tour, A House of Love will also include the unveiling of the next iteration of the Corbans foyer Heritage Wall, a selection of traditional Lebanese food to share and a Heritage tour of the Estate in which historic facts and fascinating stories about the old Corbans Winery buildings will be revealed.

Al Balad Alam: the land we rest upon presents a series of works lead by crochet artist Nicola Fraser (a fifth generation Corban descendant), with accompanying makers Karlene Groves, Scarlett Kean, Meg Mahy and Tonina Ngatai and is co-curated by Scarlett Kean, with support from Homestead Galleries’ Curator and Exhibitions Manager, Melina Payne.

In the exhibition, Fraser and accompanying makers give thanks and gain connection to their own experience of homeland, whether that be an ethereal ancestral home, the whenua below, an imagined home, or the weatherboard house they grew up in.


Adults: 16+


Part of Auckland Heritage Festival 2023.

Bookings essential.

For enquiries please email: info@ceac.org.nz