CEAC Adventures #1: The Humble Rubbing

With Jean Stewart


 CEAC Adventures #1: The Humble Rubbing

For The Humble Rubbing, you will need a pencil or crayon, paper (old unused schoolbooks are a good source of paper), scissors, cardboard (food packaging is perfect).

A Rubbing is made when you place a piece of paper over a textured surface and then use a pencil or crayon to rub over the paper. The texture will magically appear on the paper as you go. 

For further instructions, download our PDF here

About CEAC Adventures:

CEAC Adventures is an ongoing series of low-fuss FREE bubble activities. Brought to you by the CEAC Education team—Eilis, Megan, Jean, Penny and Ashlee—the adventures are designed with kids in mind but are suitable for isolation bubble mates of all ages.


Children: 3 - 15