Onsite exhibition: Sunday GIRL

Open Sat 10 - Sun 11 Oct, 11am-4pm.
The show is open to public with guided curator tours available daily.

 Onsite exhibition: Sunday GIRL

Sunday GIRL is the second annual pop-up exhibition that celebrates the world view and lived experiences of the multi-dimensional contemporary woman. 

This group show is a spotlight on the female artist and a challenge to the gender bias of the art world. As we operate our multi-tasking, layered lives as daughters, sisters, mothers, partners, thinkers, givers, workers, + creators, art is a tool with which to create community. This exhibition provides a platform to celebrate and share the diversity of a woman’s world view.

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The Barrel Store

Corban Estate Arts Centre



For any questions please email leela@ceac.org.nz 


Barrel Store
Corban Estate Arts Centre
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