the crucibulum experience

Sat 23 Mar 2024 6:00PM - 9:00PM

 the crucibulum experience

the crucibulum experience - Alchemy of Fire and Community Healing.

This giant fire installation is a circular gathering space in which a live biochar kiln process is ‘performed’ as a powerful artwork in response to the critical need for societal transformation and climate action.

Co-created by artists Sally Jamila and Robert Mignault, the crucibulum experience is designed to bring the viewer to a place where art and science fuse together in the Alchemy of Fire and Community Healing.

The biochar kiln is an immersive fire-sculpture not to be missed. Come along, meet the artists and partake in this tangible, creative and practical response to our climate crisis.


Robert Mignault | @robert.mignault

Sally Jamila | @jamilathefox 

The Crucibulum

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All welcome. Whanau friendly.

Part of EcoFest 2024.

Images coutesy of Sally Jamila.

 the crucibulum experience