Encounter 12: Graffiti Battle

With Dr. Berst

Sat 20 March
9am - 3pm

 Encounter 12: Graffiti Battle

This graffiti battle will involve four teams, with a pair of artists in each. One old school, one new school squaring off against one another. Utilising lettering and characters, teams will be judged on the unity of their piece.

Also on the day... there will be a FREE GRAFFITI WORKSHOP!

For all you budding young can rattlers out there, we have a FREE graf workshop, happening on the upper wall, 9am - 3pm. Bookings are essential. Just call Corban Estate Arts Centre on 838 4455 (daily, 10am - 4.30pm) or email us: info@ceac.org.nz. Paint supplied. Bring a mask if you have one.

Come along and enjoy the action, participate in a hands-on workshop, and pick your winner.

Find out more about Dr. Berst on www.berst1.com

Image: Encounter 11, December 2020. Photo by Dr. Bobby Hung.


Graffiti Battle, September 2020

Graffiti Battle, July 2020

Graffiti Battle, September 2019



Sat 20 March
9am - 3pm
Graffiti Wall (outdoors), Corban Estate Arts Centre
Spectators welcome