Our public gallery features an innovative programme of contemporary art exhibitions by local and  international artists. We pride ourselves on being inclusive, and our purpose it to create opportunities for diverse communities to speak from and offer experiences that strengthen and promote community.
Exhibitions are accompanied by a full range of free public programmes including artist talks, exhibition tours and art workshops for kids.

For gallery enquiries contact our curator, Madeleine Gifford:

(09) 838 4455 x 203

Call for Exhibition Proposals 2022

Corban Estate Arts Centre Homestead Galleries

The Corban Estate Arts Centre (CEAC) public Homestead Galleries presents a high quality and engaging exhibition programme that includes both nationally and locally recognised artists. Exhibitions feature a wide range of visual art mediums that respond to contemporary, historical, social and cultural themes to represent a diverse range of artistic perspectives. The annual exhibition programme also links to a selection of regional and local arts and cultural events. Exhibitions are accompanied by a full range of free public programmes including artist talks, exhibition tours and art workshops for kids and adults.

Submitting An Exhibition Proposal 
Every year CEAC opens a round of Exhibition Proposals to ensure that all creatives have an opportunity to submit their work for consideration. The exhibition programme for the Homestead Galleries is curated by the CEAC Curator/Exhibitions Manager and proposals need to complement planned exhibitions. We accept exhibition proposals from practitioners of any artistic discipline, individually or in groups. Proposed exhibitions need to appeal to a broad cross section of gallery visitors in our community. A higher priority is given to artists with an acknowledged exhibition record and to proposals for group exhibitions.

Exhibition Proposals will open next Monday 19 April and the deadline for submission is Friday 04 June 2021. Please note that proposals will be considered for the CEAC Exhibition Programme in 2022.

Proposal Requirements:

A cover letter including all contact details.

A detailed outline of the exhibition concept, key themes of the exhibition, media used, an indication of your target audience and ideas for a related programme to engage the public such as an artist talk, a children’s activity or a technical workshop. (300-500 words)

Description and images of the works you intend to exhibit or examples of relevant previous works - size of exhibition, size and number of artworks. (4-5 Images max)

A concise CV for all participating artists outlining past exhibitions, arts education, art residencies, art awards etc. (2 pages per CV max)

Possible dates for the exhibition - when is your proposed exhibition available and does it relate to a specific event or festival?

Email your proposal to the Curator in a single PDF file that includes CV, supporting images and links. (Please note files must be under 5MB to be received via email, otherwise please use a service such as WeTransfer.com)
Gallery Spaces
The Homestead Galleries are located at the heart of CEAC in the original Homestead of the Corban Family who lived on the estate when it was operating as a winery. The Homestead is a Heritage building finished in 1923 and includes three exhibition spaces: Gallery One, Gallery Two and Gallery Three. (Galleries Two +Three are connected through an open doorway and are typically used as one conjoining exhibition space).

If you have an indication of which space you would prefer for your proposed exhibition, please mention this in your proposal PDF.

What We Offer

No Hire Fee
Curatorial assistance and guidance to develop your exhibition
On-site technician for Install + De-install
Inclusion in the CEAC marketing strategy and promotion to our community
Opening Reception (Including food + drinks)
Carefully designed public programming specific to your exhibition
Design, production and distribution of standard exhibition catalogues
Opportunity to sell your works if desired (Note there is a 33.3% + GST Commission on sales).
How to apply:
Proposals will be responded to within 6 weeks of the proposal deadline.
Please direct all enquiries to the Curator and Exhibitions Manager Madeleine Gifford
curator@ceac.org.nz or (09) 838 4455 x 203

Please direct all enquiries to the Curator and Exhibitions Manager, Madeleine Gifford:
(09) 838 4455 x 203

Hire an Exhibition Space

Another option for artists wishing to exhibit at Corban Estate is to hire a venue to exhibit. Venue options include Old St Michael's Church and the Barrel Store.