Corban Estate Arts Centre is home to a number of projects that create a link between local communities and the estate. We are particularly proud to host to three youth projects that use arts and education to make a diffence in the lies of young people: Kākano Youth Arts Collective, Westide Tales and the Alt Arts Programme.

Kākano Youth Arts Collective:

This ongoing visual arts programme, was originally set up in 2013 to cater for young people often dealing with multiple and varied challenges in their lives, who often faced uncertain futures.  To be eligible to participate in the collective, participants also had to have some interest in visual art.  Our belief was that if we could tap into this interest and build on it, the young people coming through would gain greater confidence and self-esteem along with developing motivation, focus and self-discipline.  In turn we believed this would offer them more opportunities to become more valued, appreciated and contributing members of the community. 

The programme has grown considerably in the past four years, and now accommodates three groups on three days a week.  In their weekly sessions, participants try out different art mediums and processes, and discover which of these they want to pursue.  In the process of building up a body of artworks, their unique qualities and talents begin to shine through, others commend them for their work and they start to hold their heads higher.   The confidence, focus and skills they develop better prepare them to be ready for other opportunities, whether in training, paid work or further education.  Some of our ‘graduates’ have been accepted into courses in Unitec, to take their skill with visual art further.  Others have become clearer about a possible pathway for them and taken other directions.  One young man recently transitioned into joining an army training programme for instance. 

Some Kākano participants have become skilled at mural art using spray cans, and as a result, Kākano have been requested to undertake many commissions to create mural works, particularly around West Auckland.  Examples of this work can be seen in the Henderson Town Centre, at Olympic Park in New Lynn and around the Ranui shopping centre.

Kākano are supported by Foundation North, Trusts Community Foundation, Henderson-Massey Local Board, Potter Trust, Million Dollar Mission

Find out more about Kākano in this video produced for the Million Dollar Mission fundraiser earlier this year


In 2016 we identified a need for theatre opportunities for young people in West Auckland and offered two week long youth theatre workshops. From these emerged a core ensemble, Westside Tales Youth Theatre. Our workshop leader and theatre director is West Auckland playwright/director/actor, Suli Moa (pictured). Since graduating from Toi Whakaari (the New Zealand Drama School), Suli has written and directed several plays. In 2016, he was awarded the Pacifica playwright Adam Award.  

Based on the improvisational work from these two workshops, Suli has written a script for the company’s first performance piece, and rehearsals began in May 2017. Their first performance of ‘Withstand’ will be in Te Pou Theatre, New Lynn, in July.

If you are aged 16 – 20, and someone who enjoys acting, singing, playing an instrument, or like to be involved backstage, you may want to become involved in the company.  

To find out more and how to become involved contact Corban Estate Arts Centre:

P: 838 4455 ext.200 / E:

Or email Suli directly:

Westside Tales is supported by Foundation North, Tales from the Kava Bowl, Corban Estate Arts Centre 



This project promotes the sharing and celebration of the diverse cultural narratives of West Auckland. It embraces all forms of story telling, traditional and contemporary - waiata, poetry, dance, carving, photography, video.

Story Club offers free workshops at CEAC and also works in the communities of West Auckland through collaborations with local community groups.

Everyone is welcome to take part. Come along to our meet ups, join a free workshop or contact us to discuss how we could collaborate with your group.

And if you’ve already got a finished story, please send it in so we can share it on our Facebook page and website.

Funded by CreativeNZ and Foundation North.

Alt Arts Programme

Our  Alt Arts programme is designed for young people who attend alternative education courses in West Auckland, catering to those who have not thrived in mainstream education.

Eight different organisations in West Auckland deliver alternative education courses to about 120 students at any one time.  These providers are not funded for any arts components to their courses so CEAC sources  funding to offer weekly art programmes  and has been doing so since April 2016.

The goal of the Alt Art programme we offer is not to attempt to turn these young people into artists, but  rather to provide an outlet for self-expression and creativity.  The programme enables them to express their feelings and ideas through visual art, and through this process develop a clearer sense of themselves, building self-esteem, confidence and identity. 

Supported by Lotteries Grants & Foundation North