As well as resident artists, Corban Estate also has several organisations working on site. 

Atamira Dance Company

Atamira Dance Company is the leading creator and presenter of Māori contemporary dance theatre in Aotearoa, New Zealand. The work embodies a unique landscape shaped by the cultural identity of people and their stories. Atamira’s choreographers, dancers and designers are a reflection of the diverse cross-section of voices in Aotearoa today. The company creates compelling, high-quality Māori contemporary dance theatre that reaches out to audiences and reflects the many aspirations of Aotearoa’s Mana Whenua.


Crescendo Trust

The Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa provides a development programme for young New Zealanders that nurtures, empowers and gives lifelong skills through mentoring, personal development, and training in music, film/photography, media and communication. We use creative expression as a vehicle to connect and re-engage our young people into employment, education and further training.

The CTOA allows us to develop our young people from a heart space. We truly believe that if we ensure their happiness, safety, well-being and value sets are cared for; their pathways will be chosen with more clarity and thoughtfulness. 

We believe a real outcome of the trust is that our young people know that we love them irrespective of their past or present situations. We are here to support and nurture them and create a positive future. The CTOA works alongside local communities and collaborates with many organisations to grow together from this shared heart space. 



Mixit is a multi-cultural platform for young people – from refugee, migrant and local backgrounds. Using dance, drama, music and performance - Mixit is an environment that encourages creativity to cross barriers of difference, build friendships, promote networking and empower life skills. We also have a youth leadership programme that encourages the model of youth leading youth.


Mind Over Manner

Mind Over Manner is a charity organisation that presents theatre inspired workshops to ignite social change in our communities. Our objectives are to strengthen communication and connection with teenagers who think, learn and work differently. These teenagers may be undiagnosed high functioning or diagnosed with such labels as Aspergers, OCD ADHD DYSPRAXIA, ADD, ODD and others. Mind Over Manner uses applied theatre techniques and works with a team of professional theatre practitioners and audiences so whanau, caregivers, teachers, and service providers have the chance to participate and reassess their responses to many unexpected and difficult situations.



TE POU - Auckland's Māori Home of Theatre

TE POU is a Māori theatre space located in Corban Arts Estate Centre, that embodies the literal meaning of its name ‘The Support post’; acting as a constant and reliable presence for our performing arts community in Tāmaki Makaurau and abroad.

Since opening in 2015 they have become a home to many artists, companies and shows throughout the country as well as presenting curated seasons, festivals and workshop programmes.




Whaotapu are a collective of Tohunga Toi Ake who have been recognised and mandated by their tribes for generations. Acknowledged as traditional knowledges holders, experts, and authorities of Māori art, culture, heritage, Whaotapu are supported by mana whenua whānau, hapū, iwi, matawaka, and communities across Tāmaki Makaurau and Aotearoa, weaving people together through a kaupapa that is both transformative and enduring.



Pacifica Arts Centre

The Pacifica Arts Centre is a home base for Pacific art, culture and community in West Auckland. Established in the late 1980’s the centre’s vision is to develop and support Pacific arts and cultural projects, with a focus on Pacific heritage art practices.

The Pacifica Mamas and Papas are the centre’s founders and backbone, providing guidance and support to the Pacific collectives and individual artists that call the centre home.

The centre offers regular workshops and events year round.  This includes workshops for the Arts Education for Schools Programme, in partnership with the Corban Estate Arts Centre team.



Waitakere Central Community Arts Council is a not-for-profit organisation supporting arts participation in the community, and promoting arts practice from grassroots to professional level artists. We are based in The Studio, a building to the left of the entrance to the Gallery, at Corban Estate Arts Centre in Henderson.

To our membership we offer subsidised art classes, workshops and demonstrations, film screenings and gallery trips as well as a variety of social events over the year. The WCCAC also provides an annual Member’s Exhibition to promote our artists.


Red Leap Theatre

Red Leap Theatre focus on original devised work and is passionate about innovative and unforgettable theatre. Under the Artistic Direction of Julie Nolan, Red Leap is based in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand and tour nationally and internationally. We are currently a resident of Corban Estate Arts Centre where our offices, rehearsal space and props workshop are located.

Red Leap enjoys crossing the forms of physical theatre, imagery and storytelling. We actively celebrate women’s stories and talents. As devisors we strongly believe in playful discovery, the power of the imagination, and building a strong ensemble of performers.