In The Box

With Dave Atai and Greg Davis

2 days, Mon 23 - Tue 24 April
10am - 3pm

 In The Box

A workshop, for young people who are wanting to gain a deeper understanding about song-writing. Learn how to write and arrange a song from scratch, identifying the different sections of the song and their practice. We will put it all together by writing and recording a song over the 2 days then participants will take away an MP3 file of the finished track. If you have any instruments that you play, feel free to bring them along.

Youth Art Workshops are a great way for young people to explore and experiment with a range of art forms. These holidays participants can produce and record songs, learn street art techniques and discover the world of morphology. Come and challenge yourself creatively through one of our action packed two day classes. Set at a low cost, with some fully sponsored places these workshops are a great way to spend your holidays. Don’t let cost be a barrier—talk to us about a sponsored place.

These workshops are made possible with the support of Foundation North.


Youth: 13 - 18

2 days, Mon 23 - Tue 24 April
10am - 3pm



The Cellar
Corban Estate Arts Centre
2 Mt Lebanon Lane

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