Chamber Music Series: ‘4-3-2’

With musicians from NZ Barok ‘4’

Sun 29 March

 Chamber Music Series: ‘4-3-2’

Featuring musicians from NZ Barok ‘4’ Music for Four Players

Join Graham McPhail (violin), Amelia Giles (violin), Alison Salmons (viola), and Helen Brinkman (cello) with guest Sally Tibbles (flute) as they perform quartets by Boccherini and Mozart.

Old St Michael’s Church in the Corban Estate Arts Centre provides an intimate setting with a perfect acoustic for a one hour concert of elegant, easy-listening classical music. Join the musicians as they perform and talk about the music and the 18th-century instruments they play.

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Sun 29 March 2020 2:00 PM — '4' Music for Four Players

Sun 9 August 2020 2:00 PM — '3' Music for Three Players

Sun 8 November 2020 2:00 PM — '2' Music for Two Players



Tickets $25 available at the door, or from www.iticket.co.nz

Bookings Advised

 Chamber Music Series: ‘4-3-2’


Old St Michael's Church
Corban Estate Arts Centre
2 Mt Lebanon Lane