CEAC Adventures #11: Stories by Shadows

With Eilis Galuszewski

 CEAC Adventures #11: Stories by Shadows

This adventure shows you how to share stories; some tales of old, some from our imagination and others from our memories. One creative way to share these stories is through shadow puppets. Shadow puppetry is an ancient form of storytelling with origins in many different cultures throughout the world.  

For further instructions, download our PDF here.

Share your attempts with us on social media. We would love to see your photos online so tag us @corbanestate and use the hashtag #CEACAdventures.

About CEAC Adventures:
CEAC Adventures is an ongoing series of low-fuss FREE bubble activities. Brought to you by the CEAC Education team—Eilis, Megan, Jean, Penny and Ashlee—the adventures are designed with kids in mind but are suitable for isolation bubble mates of all ages.


CHILDREN: 3 - 15